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Listed below are our offered services and general daily pricing. If you have any requires regarding bookings, please contact me via the provided email address in the Contact tab to submit a request, specifying which below service(s) and dates you require. Rates are negotiable.

  • Dialogue Editing, Noise Reduction, ADR, FX and Foley (Online/TV/Film).
    10 hr
    250 British pounds
  • Audio Editing, ADR, FX, Foley, and Score (Online/TV/Film).
    10 hr
    300 British pounds
  • Providing voiceover for any project. Work examples in 'Portfolio'.
    2 hr
    £150 per session
  • Providing audio recording on location for your project.
    12 hr
    350 British pounds
  • Boom Operator for any commercial or corporate film project.
    12 hr
    250 British pounds
  • Charging batteries, rid/de-rig (RF, IEMs and cabling), assisting Recor...
    12 hr
    200 British pounds

location audio KIT:

  • 4 years experience in Television, Film and Corporate location audio, working at the highest professional industry standard.
  • Sound Devices MixPre10 II, and a backup Zoom F4 Field Recorder,
  • 6 Wireless Radio Mics (4 Sennheiser G4 Transmitters, 1 Wisycom MCR52 Receiver, 2 G4 Receivers, 2 Deity Connect Transmitters), mic concealers and body straps.
  • RF antennas perfect for long distance radio micing.
  • Sanken COS11D lapel microphones.
  • Sennheiser MKH 50 Shotgun (Indoors), RODE NTG5 Shotgun (Outdoors) Microphones,
  • Wildkat, Blimp, 5m (16ft) Audient (Internally Wired) and 3.5m (12ft) Carbon Fibre Boom Poles.
  • A range of dynamic and condenser microphones with varying polar patterns,
  • Ambient room stereo micing.
  • Long reaching microphone stands (perfect for interview setups) and short stands.
  • Timecode sync for two camera units.
  • 4 wireless units for in-ear monitoring of captured audio.


  • 4 years experience in high end commercial and corporate post production audio.
  • SSL SiX Analogue Mixer for recording, Behringer XR16 for multitrack live recording.
  • Universal Apollo 16 and Yamaha HS8s with subwoofer (5.1 Surround Sound) for mixing.
  • Dangerous 2-Bus+ Summing for colour.
  • Pro Tools 12, Ableton Live 10, Ozone 8, Izotope RX8, FabFilter suite, and a load of external waves plug-ins.
  • Bass, Keys, Guitars and various acoustic instruments for scoring.
  • A range of dynamic and condenser microphones with varying polar patterns.
  • Acoustically treated studio space.
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